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Old Dock, New Rum

Discover Liverpool's Premium Rum

Step into a realm of captivating history and exceptional craftsmanship at Liverpool Lost Dock. Lost for two centuries, the revolutionary Old Dock shaped Liverpool into an innovative, ambitious, and multicultural port, with daily shipments of rum, tea, sugar, and spices flowing through its waters. Our range of rums pays homage to this remarkable heritage, serving as a fitting tribute to the innovative dock that transformed Liverpool into the wonderful city we love today. With each bottle, we invite you to relish the spirit of Liverpool's pioneering past, savoring the flavors that evoke the buzz of excitement and possibility that once filled the docks.

About Us

Welcome to 3 Lids Rum Ltd, the driving force behind Liverpool Lost Dock Rum. Inspired by the pivotal moments that shaped the remarkable history of our beloved city, we embarked on a journey to create a rum that pays homage to Liverpool's vibrant spirit and cultural heritage.

Founded in 2019, our passion for rum and our deep connection to Liverpool led us to create Liverpool Lost Dock Rum. It is more than just a drink; it is a celebration of the most significant milestones in the city's history. From the revolutionary Old Dock to the multicultural tapestry woven by the daily shipments of rum, tea, sugar, and spices, each bottle of Liverpool Lost Dock Rum encapsulates the essence of Liverpool's story.


As three local lads, we share a profound love for our Liverpool home and a commitment to crafting exceptional spirits that reflect its soul. We invite you to meet the Lids, the driving force behind our brand, by clicking the button below. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we raise our glasses to Liverpool's past, present, and future, one sip at a time. Cheers to the spirit of Liverpool!

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